Dr. David Edward Marcinko is past Editor-in-Chief of the prestigious “Journal of Health Care Finance” who was named “Health Economist of the Year” in 2010. He is a Federal and State court approved expert witness featured in hundreds of peer reviewed medical, business, management, physician-focused financial planning and economic trade publications [AMA, ADA, AOA, APMA, AAOS, ANA, ACA, Physicians Practice, Investment Advisor, Physician’s Money Digest, JAFAS and MD News, etc].

And, as a licensed Registered Investment Advisor [RIA], and former Certified Financial Planner®, Dr. Marcinko helped managed various private hedge funds and endowment funds for hospitals and other organizations:

Currently, Professor Marcinko has applied for the following foundation grants, funds, scholarships and academic R&D prizes:


Population health is essential to transforming from an illness-centered healthcare system to one focused on protecting and improving health. The JCPH created this prize to help identify and promote promising ideas in the field that help to improve health outcomes, and thus proliferate best practices more rapidly. The goal is to discover, support and showcase the work of an individual, group, organization or institution that has successfully implemented a population health program or intervention that has made a measurable difference.

$100,000 Hearst Health Prize for Excellence in Population Health

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  • Finalists will be announced in February 2019
  • Winner will be announced on March 28, 2019 at the Population Health Colloquium in Philadelphia, PA.

Related Applications [pending]:

Other pending grant applications for 2019-20 are to the NIHCM, Duke University Center for Advanced Hindsight Start-Ups and the NIH.

Pending NICHM and other Grant Applications:

FUNDS ACQUIRED [$10-million plus; career aggregate-to-date]

  • Intra-Mural Funding: $1,525,000.00 aggregate [Financial Services firms]
  • Extra-Mural Funding: $2,750,000.00 aggregate [Pharmaceutical companies]
  • Private Funding: $6,250,000.00 aggregate [Hedge funds]]


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