Professor David Edward Marcinko enjoys informally talking to students, potential clients, colleges and universities [faculty, staff and BOD], graduate, medical and B-school students who have didactic questions about the healthcare industrial complex, free-market capitalism, entrepreneurship and medical innovation; etc.

He is also available as a corporate, academic and/or educational paid business consultant, as well.

Additional fertile topics include health economics, finance, managerial accounting, policy, management, administration and related health insurance and patient/access issues.

Social Media Engagements

So, if a meeting leader, professor or course instructor would like to have Dr. Marcinko virtually visit his/her classroom “live”, it can be set it up through Skype®, ZOOM or similar Internet chatting protocols.  You, or your students, will be able to pose questions in an “Ask the Author” session.  As long as you have the capacity for a virtual “chat”, at a mutually agreed upon day and time, he is delighted to speak with your students or stakeholders.

CLASS NOTES: This is a complimentary [free] service that is limited to those classes, students, universities, colleges and non-profit education companies that use my text-books, hand-books, dictionaries, or Harvard Business School styled case models [PhD/DBA/DrPH/MBA and MSHA / MHA/MPH] for their courses and/or teaching endeavors. Audio recordings are prohibited. Minimum class size is usually about 15-20 participants; or so.

CORPORATE NOTES: Other for-profit entities [Big Pharma, DME, investment banks and insurance companies, capital asset management firms, BDs and RIAs, related employers and corporate America] may arrange different formats [podcasts, webinars or video-casts, live streaming, recorded and/or redacted] on these and other topics or issues-of-choice. Such formal presentations are offered thru a negotiated professional fee, and expense, structure by mutual consent.