Dr. David Edward Marcinko is currently Endowed Scholar-in-Residence for Research and Development at the Institute of Medical Business Advisors Inc; Atlanta, GA [2021-23].

Internet “Influencer” 

Dr. Marcinko is a health economics, finance, business and policy management authority who has served on the leading edge of public investing and population health education for two decades. His enthusiasm shows through his R&D and business efforts, peer-reviewed and industry publications, speaking engagements and major textbooks; as well as frequent updates on social media and regular internet posts on the latest news and advice about realizing the future of healthcare. Professor Marcinko was featured among the top healthcare voices and has over six hundred thousand followers across various blogs and online channels.

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[Sample Press Release]

Distinguished Professor, Endowed Chairman and senior physician executive David Edward Marcinko MBBS DPM FACFAS MBA MEd CPHQ® CMP® is originally from Loyola University MD, Temple University in Philadelphia and the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center in PA; Oglethorpe University, and Atlanta Hospital & Medical Center in GA; and Aachen City University Hospital, Koln-Germany. As Founding Chief Executive Officer of the multi-state Institute of Medical Business Advisors, Inc., in Atlanta, he is one of the most innovative global thought leaders and CXOs in health and medical business entrepreneurship today. His Wall Street [PPMC] Physician Practice Management Corporation [Initial Public Offering], based in the Mid-West,  was successfully withdrawn after the last stock market crash to the benefit of investors and stakeholders.

Dr. Marcinko was a board certified physician, surgical fellow, hospital medical staff Vice President, public and population health advocate, and Chief Executive & Education Officer with more than 4250 published papers; 5,150 op-ed pieces and over 135+ domestic / international presentations to his credit; including the top 10 biggest pharmaceutical companies and financial services firms in the nation. He is also a best-selling Amazon author with 27 published business text books, and three major medical print texts, in four languages [National Institute of Health, Library of Congress and Library of Medicine.

Marcinko is also a Managerial Healthcare Accountant and past Editor-in-Chief of the respected quarterly print “Journal of Health Care Finance“ who was named “Health Economist of the Year” in 2010, by PM magazine. He is a Federal and State court approved expert witness featured in hundreds of peer reviewed medical, business, management and trade publications [AMA, ADA, APMA, AAOS, Physicians Practice, Investment Advisor, Physician’s Money Digest and MD News]. As a past licensed insurance agent, RIA and SEC registered affiliate, Marcinko is Dean of the fiduciary focused CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER® chartered designation education program: and related Massive Open Online Courses [MOOCs].

Professor Marcinko is Editor-in-Chief of the print, and online, HEALTH DICTIONARY SERIES® WIKE project: AND co-founder of the board certification, re-certification and state licensure education, preparation & Computer Based Testing [CBT] firm FARC, Inc

Significant current/past memberships include: ASHE, AHIMA, ACHE, ACME, ACPE, MGMA, FMMA and HIMSS. Dr. Marcinko is a MSFT-Corporation Beta tester, Google Scholar, and “H” Index favorite.

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Request for Proposal [RFP]

Generally, Dr. Marcinko screens for products, services or situations where narratives are being mistakenly applied. Out of favor industries are greatly of interest as well as companies with decent free cash flow multiples and manageable debt. Other pleasing attributes include a high-barrier to entry [BTE], a “must-have” rather than “nice-to-have” attitude in the marketplace, and a large potential recurring customer/client profile. Health care ecosystem specificity is a plus.

Dr. Marcinko also provides insight into the areas of Medical Practice Enhancement, Investing, Financial Planning, Asset Allocation, Portfolio Management, Investment Policy Statement [IPS] Analysis and Endowment Fund Management, Succession and Estate Planning, Insurance and Risk Management, Mortgages and Lending, Practice Business Valuations, Human Resources, Negotiations and Employee Benefits. He strives to fill a growing need for medically focused financial or managerial advice that traditional consultants have not been able to provide.

For example, most financial “consultants” either charge high sales commissions, or levy a percentage of fees for managing client assets. And, medical management consultants tend to extend their scope of engagement to tangential areas not originally needed, or wanted. Traditional fee structures create inherent conflicts of interest and significant barriers for an increasing number of time-compressed and economically constrained physicians and dentists, nurses and allied healthcare providers, entrepreneurs, health and insurance plans and/or related executives.

So, please feel free to send in your RFPs, simple [start-up] or complex [matrix unit or mature] business plans, book or white-paper review invitations and/or R&D project ideas for a confidential evaluation. Dr. Marcinko is at your service for independent and unbiased second opinions to the extent possible. The end result is a “no pressure” and “no conflicts-of-interest” experience; working as a fiduciary on your behalf 24/7/365.

NOTE: Sample second opinion and RFP topics link: imba-inc-firm-services; is not all inclusive. Please contact us with your second opinion request – RFP proposal, interesting project idea, inter university collaboration – or for more information contact Ann Miller RN MHA [770-448-0769] and email:


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