Dr. David Edward Marcinko is past Editor-in-Chief of the prestigious “Journal of Health Care Finance” who was named “Health Economist of the Year” in 2010. He is a Federal and State court approved expert witness featured in hundreds of peer reviewed medical, business, management, physician-focused financial planning and economic trade publications [AMA, ADA, AOA, APMA, AAOS, ANA, ACA, Physicians Practice, Investment Advisor, Physician’s Money Digest, JAFAS and MD News, etc].

And, as a former licensed Registered Investment Advisor [RIA], and former Certified Financial Planner®, Dr. Marcinko helped managed various private hedge funds and endowment funds for hospitals and other organizations:

Previously, served as CEO for the Institute of Medical Business Advisors [iMBA, Inc], a public health, economics, finance; policy, management and education administration consulting firm with offices in five [5] states.  All companies were start-ups or founding matrix units which launched and grew into market responsive corporations. Applied for US patents; and received trade and register marks, and numerous copyrights. I understand financial statements, and the positives / negatives of debt and leverage.

In fact, as a managerial healthcare accountant, I’ve held budgetary responsibility [fixed, variable and hybrid; cost plus [+] and cost minus [-] and zero-based] to $50-M, with P&L stewardship accountability to $150 million dollars, satisfying investors and stakeholders alike.

Professional Securities, Financial Certifications and Licenses 

Formerly Included: Series #7 (general securities), Series #63 (uniform securities state law), and Series #65 (investment advisory) licenses from the National Association of Securities Dealers (FINRA-NASD), and the Securities Exchange Commission [SEC] with a life, health, disability, variable annuity, and property-casualty license from the State of Georgia.

ACADEMIC FUNDS ACQUIRED [$10-million plus; career aggregate-to-date]

  • Intra-Mural Funding: $1,525,000.00 aggregate [Financial Services firms]
  • Extra-Mural Funding: $2,750,000.00 aggregate [Pharmaceutical companies]
  • Private Funding: $6,250,000.00 aggregate [Hedge funds]]

Corporate Grant and Funding Success:

  • Public Funding: $150,000,000.00 aggregate [Wall Street]



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