Free-Market Entrepreneur, Wall Street Physician-Executive and Distinguished Professor Dr. David Edward Marcinko has been involved in real-world company start-ups and academic business MBA Capstone Presentation competitions for the Martin J. Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University; Georgia State University, Emory University, iXL Inc., UNC, Tuskegee University and the Georgia Institute of Technology. He was the inaugural Health-Care Practice Leader for Deloitte and Touche Consulting in Atlanta, GA and served as a State and Federal Court approved expert business witness.

Also a linguists devotee and mixed methods researcher uncovering patterns on how the human mind works.  Experienced leading quantitative and qualitative projects, sampling methodology and survey instrument development with medical, financial and economics data collection activities in the USA and Europe. Well versed at navigating research ethics and translating my work to cross-cultural, non-technical audiences, having collaborated with underrepresented communities throughout my career [DEI and ESG, etc].

MOST RECENT: Advisory Board of Directors: Medblob is an emerging and secure military encrypted health information exchange and data warehouse, known as HealthFile™, that aims to have HIPAA compliant medical information available at the point-of-care so clinicians are able to make better decisions to improve patient health; Boston, MA [2018-22] http://www.medblob.com/


And, Dr. Marcinko demonstrates advertising, sales, change and strategic competitive management and marketing skills thru didactic fiat and actual execution:

Using deep competitive data-analytics, he accomplished the following for both privately held and public firms, universities, colleges and medical organizations:

  • Developed and launched matrix-units and recruited creative and marketing staff.
  • Initiated merchandising, branding, market research, operations and promotions.
  • Developed innovative new product and service line extensions exceeding all sales revenue, market share and profitability objectives.
  • Created and execute departmental business plans with budgets and forecasts.

Dr. Marcinko received several pro-visionary US patents; and numerous trade marks, registered marks and service marks, and intellectual copyrights. Marcinko understands financial statements, and the positives / negatives of debt and leverage with professional endowment fund management experience. 

As a former managerial health care accountant, Dr. Marcinko held budgetary responsibility [fixed, variable and hybrid; cost plus [+] and cost minus [-] and zero-based] to $50-M, with P&L steward-ship accountability satisfying investors and stakeholders alike. Supervised FTE’s = 458 and PTE’s = 1,625.

Dr. Marcinko earned and formerly held a Series #7 (general securities), Series #63 (uniform securities state law), and Series #65 (investment advisory) license from the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD-FINRA), and the Securities Exchange Commission [SEC] with a life, health, disability, variable annuity and property-casualty license from the State of Georgia.

As president of a Physician Practice Management Corporation [PPMC] in F.Y. 2009, Marcinko helped sdvise, roll-up aggregate and consolidate 95 multi-state medical practices with $150 million dollars in revenues seeking an IPO trade listing on Wall Street, New York [FASB #95 APB #110]. 

Then, as entrepreneur and Professor-of-the-Practice for more than a decade, Dr. David Edward Marcinko  was involved in the following traditional companies and new-wave business platforms listed in reverse chronological order.


Private Large Medical Group Practice (Atlanta) Associate Partner: 1984-1985 Partner 1985-2001

Specializing in reconstructive lower extremity surgery, trauma, pedal infection management and diabetes, in a clinical practice consisting of 6 FT physicians with 42-50 FT and PT employees; with laboratory, radiology, nursing and related inter-ventional services.

Co-Founding Partner Northlake Ambulatory Surgery Center (NASC, LLC) – Atlanta, GA 1988-1997 

Operated a successful Ambulatory Surgery Center with employed physician anesthesiologists, registered nurses and related employees that was sold to a public company. 

First Global Financial Advisors [FGFA], Inc – Atlanta, GA Financial Planner Practitioner 1999-2004

Financial planner to physicians, specializing in the integration of personal finance, wealth management with medical practice management; AUM $250-M. Securities Exchange Commission [SEC] licensed practitioner and registered investment advisor. 

Financial Planning Associates, Inc (FPA) – Baltimore, MD Financial Planner Practitioner 1998-2000

Financial planner to physicians, specializing in the integration of personal finance with medical practice management; AUM $45-Million USD. 

President Physicians Services Group Inc (PSGi) – St. Paul, MN 2007-09 IPO Attempt

Privately held Physician Practice Management Corporation (PPMC) in the Midwest that consolidated 95 solo medical practices with 625 FTEs, 325 PTEs and $150 million in sales revenues; IPO roll-up attempt aborted due to adverse market conditions in 2008. Responsible for overall leadership and execution of BP including operations, implementation and execution  [FASB #95 and ABO #110]. 

Chief Visionary Officer [CVO] Dot Com Internet Telecommunication Firm, Duluth, GA 2000-2001

Interim crisis management consultant and executive visionary with business planning and venture capital presentations for the successful private corporate restructuring of a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier [CLEC]. 

In the past, Dr. Marcinko has also worked with Venture Capital [VC] firms in Atlanta GA, Baltimore MD, Syracuse New York and Triangle Park North Carolina. He is Founding Emeritus, President and/or Ex-Officio of several companies and commercial business-platforms; among other corporate entities.

Founding Chairman and Chief Executive Officer – Institute of Medical Business Advisors, Inc [iMBA] Atlanta, GA 2002-Present.


A leading national scope provider of healthcare administration education and medical practice management reports, books, dictionaries, journals, white-papers, fair-market-valuations [FMV] and economic advisory opinions using multi-platform and traditional seminars and channels of knowledge distribution. iMBA helps the nation’s healthcare and education professionals make decisive improvements in their direction and performance by empowering them through unbiased information, consultants and proprietary tools. The firm, formerly with offices in five state, is now fully and natively digital. It serves universities, medical, business, graduate and nursing schools; physicians, dentists and medical societies – accountants, attorneys, financial services providers, wealth and hedge fund managers – emerging entities, hospitals, medical clinics, outpatient centers, CXOs and their BODs – the press, media and related organizations.



Entrepreneur and Physician-Executive David Edward Marcinko MBBS-MD DPM FACFAS MBA CMP® is/was involved in the following new-wave cloud platforms and internet enabled companies:

1. MEDICAL EXECUTIVE POST® Essays, Opinions and Curated News for the Public Health Economics, Finance and Policy Management Eco-System



A 2016, 2017, 2020 and 2021 WEGO Health Awards nominated,”Best-in-Show”, and popular syndicated blog forum from the Institute of Medical Business Advisors, Inc. The Medical Executive-Post, or “ME-P” is about connecting doctors, health care executives and modern consulting advisors. It’s about free-enterprise, business, practice, policy, personal financial planning and wealth building capitalism. We have an attitude that’s independent, outspoken, intelligent and so Next-Gen; often edgy, usually controversial.

So, whether you’re a mature CXO, physician or start-up entrepreneur in need of management, financial, HR or business planning information on free markets and competition, the Medical Executive-Post is the online place to meet for free-market 2.0 collaboration. Support our online development, and advance our on-ground research initiatives in health economics and medical capitalism, as we seek to showcase the brightest minds.awards_blog

2. CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER® Online Education for Financial Advisors and Medical Management Consultants


The elite CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER™ charter designation program is a one year (four academic quarters) 500 hour integrated, live and asynchronous, online course-of-study offered exclusively by iMBA, Inc.

For the most effective distance education and adult-learning, we use a multi-sensory combination of website content, downloadable .pdf and/or MS-WORD files, templates, MSFT-PPT presentations, and/or other required and optional textbooks, manuals and Journals produced only by iMBA for our financial professionals, consultants and physician colleagues. The Certified Medical Planner™ course may be “crashed” in six months upon special permission from the Academic Dean. Group on-ground education is also available by special request.

Typical CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER™ charter-designation holders are business consultants, accountants, financial planners and financial advisors; insurance professionals, investment advisors and wealth managers; physician-executives, nurse-managers, hospital, practice or clinic CXOs; and registered representatives with fiduciary accountability and compliance department approval. Best of all, we customize the last quarter as you learn and complete each semester with your live online instructor, through a series of secure e-mail transmissions in the privacy of your own home or office, and whenever busy life schedules allow … it is that operationally easy.

Course instructors are typically available for questions, concerns or technical explanations by secure email or private telephonic appointments.

NOTE: Application does not imply acceptance. Applicant selection and ultimate matriculation is a competitive process.


3. HEALTH DICTIONARY SERIES® A Free Online WIKI Submission/Review OR Print Project


To keep up with the ever-changing field of modern healthcare, we must learn new and re-learn old terminology in order to correctly apply it to practice. By bringing together the most up-to-date abbreviations, acronyms, definitions, and terms in the health care industry today, the [a] Dictionary of Health Insurance and Managed Care, [b] Dictionary of Health Economics and Finance, and the [c] Dictionary of Health Information Technology and Security, offers a wealth of essential information that will help you understand the ever-changing policies and practices in healthcare administration and practice management, today.

  • Use: The Free crowd-sourced Wiki Health Dictionary Series anywhere and anytime you need to learn or clarify a term-of-art.
  • Submit: New industry terms, memes, abbreviations, acronyms, words and definitions as they organically arise by harvesting wisdom-of-crowds.
  • Purchase: A codified and peer-reviewed compact print dictionary, or complete three volume handbook set, to use anytime and support our work and help us grow.

NOTE: Wiki is a Hawaiian term that means “quick”. Historically, Engineer Ward Cunningham developed the first wiki to allow direct content submission. Health Dictionary Series moderation is done asynchronously by students and peer-reviewed by our editorial staff.


4. FOOT AND ANKLE RESEARCH  CONSORTIUM® Educational Testing Tools and Surgical Templates for Lower Extremity Surgeons

Since 1992, the Foot and Ankle Research Consortium, Inc. (FARC) has  become a leading publisher of educational test preparation software, and informed surgical consent form templates for all podiatric, orthopedic, vascular and general surgeons performing lower extremity trauma and reconstructive surgery. This includes non-sponsored, non-advertiser driven and unbiased print and electronic textbooks, CD-ROMs, SAAS tools and templates; as well as onsite, personal, ESL and distance education for the professional space.

Podiatry Preparation [hospital institutional – wholesale]

http://www.PodiatryPrep.org [practitioner individual – retail]

Our core Software-As-A-Service [SAS] products are the most effective and innovative method of preparing for ALL Board Examinations. This includes: The American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery, The American Board of Foot and Ankle Orthopedics and Primary Medicine, The American Medical Specialties Board, and the PMLexis [Parts II and III] examinations. (Now includes the latest information for all MOC and Board Re-Certification tests).


e-Podiatry Consent Forms™ is an innovative suite of customizable software programs Our products solve surgical informed consent problems and enhance the education, discussion and documentation of the informed consent process for all physicians performing foot, ankle and leg reconstructive surgical procedures. We license two core interactive and customizable surgical products, and a reference library, with related concepts and products in development:

  • Forefoot, Mid-Foot and Simple Rear-Foot Version
  • Complex Rear-Foot, Ankle and Lower Leg Version
  • Comprehensive content library for extreme customization.

e-Podiatry Consent Forms™ [SAAS] is increasingly trusted as the simple solution to standardized communications across the entire office-enterprise; from managing-risk, informing-patients and complying with modern regulatory requirements through enhanced patient-centric informed consent encounters.

Thus, by improving the consistency, details, documentation and effectiveness of the informed consent process, e-Podiatry Consent Forms™ equips all surgeons with the tools needed to augment quality standards, reduce litigation potential and improve patient outcomes and safety.


Trademarks, Register Marks, Copyrights and Patents

All Trademarks, Register Marks, Copyrights and Patents belong to their respective owners. Dr. Marcinko has applied for and/or received two US patents; several trade and register marks, and numerous copyrights. His pioneering work includes helping to co-invent a closed-suction irrigation-drain system for bone and wound infections of the upper and lower extremities; an on-line education program for financial advisors; dozens of medical and business textbooks; and several software educational CD-ROM / SAAS and testing programs for doctors. He has also helped to modify bone surgery fixation devices for almost all bones of the foot, ankle and leg.

Now, he assists others develop their ideas to help improve lives throughout the world.


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