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Edwardo Ramerez, a.k.a. S/A Ed Marcinko, played many tough roles during his three-decade long professional law enforcement career in both state and Federal agencies, and the military police. From a grunt agent in Baltimore City Maryland, to an Interpol operative and interdiction enforcer in the jungles of South America, and back to an oxymoronic position Naval Intelligence. When it comes to drug enforcement, Ed has seen and done it all, by working barely within the law, but effectively just below the radar screen. Now, as an experienced and covert operative, he exposes both the good and bad about the nations’ war on drugs. And, these stories are told from the only perspective of import, that of a DEA street warrior. Don’t Expect Anything (DEA) else, for this is the only position that will win or loose the war, capture or free its soldiers and victims, and allow its agents their only real chance of personal survival, and ultimate success! Ed Marcinko, a decorated and court-qualified expert witness in drug trafficking, worked the streets in anonymity, writes of his experiences in seclusion, and is so rabidly fanatical about his crusade against drugs, that he is known by his comrades as the DEA ROGUE WARRIOR.


PROFESSIONAL ONLINE CURRICULUM VITAE [Abbreviated/Abridged Version] As a former Dean and appointed University Professor and Endowed Department Chair, Dr. David Edward Marcinko MBA was a NYSE broker and investment banker for a decade who was respected for his unique perspectives, … Continue reading

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